Sunday, August 2, 2009

~~ Java Treasure Hunt 09 ~~

I finally got myself a new domain Quiz4J - a site dedicated to Java Puzzles and Quizzes!!
It’s still early days and a long way to go - looking to turn in it something new and exciting.

The good news is I finally was able to put together the Java Treasure Hunt that I have been clamoring so much about. Please do check it out - I hope its as much fun as I imagine!!

This week there are no other puzzles (today & even on Wednesday) though there are 10 points on offer for everyone who completes the treasure hunt.
I would love to get some feed back on how you found treasure hunt and any suggestions for improvements would be great - this is just the first and I hope to improve over time!
In case you face any problems you could mail me at

If you do like Treasure Hunt - consider sharing this post or spreading the word around in any manner you deem fit!!! Your support in any manner is always helpful and encouraging.

Going a little off topic, Twisters has also found a place in this new domain @ The old URL redirects to this one so all of your bookmarks should work fine.

Cheers & Best of luck
Treasure Hunters.

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  1. Thank you for your effort. Please correct exiting to exciting in the first sentence. Wish you all the success.


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