Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Java Treasure Hunt-09 -- Updates

It's been a few days since we had the treasure hunt - and surprisingly not many people have made till the end!

I haven't been clear enough about everything and I thought I thrown in a couple of hints. It's a treasure hunt - treat everything as a potential clue - and of course everything that you need to start of with the hunt after registering is present in the home page. If you have not found where to start the hunt, you have not looked hard enough for The Link ...

I would also like to congratulate Vishwanath on being the first (and till now the only) person to complete the hunt!

The offer is still on - you do score 10 points on twister if you complete the hunt before noon Sunday. I sure would love to see a lot of people scoring those 10 points - though I think the treasure hunt is really not as easy as I thought :).

Feedback on the treasure hunt would be really great - I did get a few mails - and its great to hear from you folks.

In case you face any problems you could mail me at

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