Sunday, September 20, 2009

Twister updates.

There have been a few suggestions and questions that have been asked and since a lot of new folks have joined Twisters its time for a few updates.

1. @Anonymous – Appreciate your comment on 'code not showing up right in feed readers.' I think I have got that fixed and things should look right from now on (at least that’s what I hope)!

2. @tonthatduy – There is a score sheet that I update after every puzzle (it's the last link in the Top Score widget).
If your solution is deemed right – you get points for that puzzle.
If your solution is wrong – well it should be marked up as a 0 (or sometime when I am just feeling lazy – I just leave it blank!)

To answer your question in particular, your solution for puzzle 51 was not quite right. It broke one of the rules – "no deletes, no moving about the code,
no commenting out …" Putting two slashes // ended up commenting out some of the code!

3. I have made a small change to the way the sharing icons works (if you have not noticed they are the cute icons that you can see at the bottom of each post). Clicking on the link would no longer bookmark/submit the individual post but rather submits the Twisters site. Considering that a post on usually Twisters expire in a week – sharing an individual post does not make much sense.

4. For those who like solving puzzles there is
JFactor - Java Treasure Hunt that I had designed a few moths ago, that you could try out. Hope you find the Treasure Hunt fun and challenging!!

Finally, I would like to thank all you folks for your support and encouragement in keeping Twisters going!!!

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