Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So where is the puzzle this week?

I have been a irregular with puzzles on Twister for some time now – for one I have covered most of the puzzles that could be covered in the twister format and secondly I been working on Quiz4j – adding puzzles and quizzes to it.

When I started
Quiz4j my vision was to create site that would cater to Java Programming Puzzles and Quizzes. I found programming puzzles a really good way to learn and keep in touch with some challenging programming. The more I got interested the more stuff I found around – and I released that there were loads of good programming quizzes and puzzle resources out there – and really having one more site which did the same thing was not going to help much!
Considering that there is a limitation to what one person could do – my plan is to gradually evolve Quiz4J into a community of people like us who enjoy programming puzzles. It’s not going to be something that happens overnight but something that I look forward to happening in the next 3-4 months. You’ll see some quick updates in the next few weeks on Quiz4J – getting rid of some stuff and addition of a lot more.

So what about twisters? Are we not going to have any more of these puzzles? Yes – sure I am going to continue posting puzzles on Twisters. I planning to cut a few overheads – score cards, answer post are few of the things you would see going off. The comment system would be used more as a discussion tool than just posting answers. Puzzles might get a bit more difficult – and you might see me pointing a to existing discussion that writing my own puzzles.

Well so what do you folks think? I really really interested in hearing from you!!!

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