Sunday, June 21, 2009

Twister - Updates

I have done a few changes to this blog - just wanted to post an update on what’s new.

1. The Twitter Connection - Sometimes I feel the puzzle could be made more interesting and more thought provoking if I put in a couple of additional clauses to the original question. Twitter seems to be an ideal way to add a couple of points or throw in a hint or two for a question. It could also be a great way to get feedback!

2. Rating Widget - Each question has a rating widget with it. Rating question help me judge the good question from the junk - while I don't think there can be any immediate action I'm sure in the long run I could try and improve based on your feedback.

3. Optimization Series - In the coming days you should see a couple of more questions on optimizing code. The questions do get specific and might be harder to solve without a know algorithm. I'm willing to give it a try though and see how it goes.

4. Social Networking buttons - I think I have finally fixed all the social networking buttons - hopefully they should all work fine now!

5. Score Update tool - Have a small tool in Java that updates the score for me - makes my life a lot easier now!!

Finally the big news - The Java Treasure Hunt is ready for Beta Test - and I'm looking out for about 5 Beta Testers. Beta Testers get a first preview of the Treasure Hunt - which I hope would be fun. Anyone interested?
Leave a comment here or mail me at

I would also like to thank everyone who's provided encouragement and feedback to carry on with Java Twisters. It’s always great to hear what you think about Twisters - so do let the feedback coming.

Cheers - Sam!

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